Time to re-up a past post: CIA Blind Spots

In light of this article by the AP (titled “CIA let Iraq spy network wither after troop withdrawal, officials claim”) and new questions over what the intelligence community did or didn’t know about ISIS and other threats, here’s a post I wrote last year that addresses CIA’s blind spots.

Job Confidence and Sex Secrets

I’ve just written two articles for Reductress: Women’s News. Feminized. The site has been described as The Onion for women, and it’s worth taking a break from work or kitten videos to check it out.

Some of my favorite headlines:

“The Single Best Face for Any Haircut”

“How to Take Tasteful Selfies at Tragic Locations” and

“My Hipster Boyfriend was Just Amish”

And here are the two I wrote:

“How to Show Confidence for the Job You Know You Won’t Get”

“Sex Secrets He’ll Wish You had Kept Secret”