UPDATE: Porn Ultimatum 2: The Porn Legacy

In May last year, I wrote about Colorado Springs resident and balloon with hair fuzz Craig Brittan and his entrepreneurial exploits in revenge porn. Brittan was posting nude pics of people without their consent and then charging them money to take the pics down.

Well, the Federal Trade Commission has officially shut the fur blob down, ordering him to delete and destroy all information from his site.

Here’s a clip from Denver’s local CBS station about it.

Colorado passed a Revenge Porn law last year, but as noted in the clip above, the FTC ruling puts other revenge porn sites around the country on notice.

Here’s some background on the Revenge Porn law from one of the attorneys who helped push it through the Colorado legislature.

As for Brittan, whose mother must be very proud of him, what profession do you pursue after your dreams of being a Revenge Porn Operator are crushed? How about: Sheet Changer on porn sets?

U.S. Government to Drop Tons of Reports on Terrorists in New Phase of War on Terror

I just posted my latest article about USG plans to drop Weapons of Mass Pontification on the enemy over at Funny or Die. Check it out and VOTE. While you’re over there, see my other FOD articles. Cheers!

Open Letter to the Associated Press

According to reports, the Associated Press is deleting photos of Charlie Hebdo magazine, this on the day when gunmen killed 12 people for making people laugh and think. According to AP spokesman Paul Colford, “It’s been our policy for years that we refrain from moving deliberately provocative images.”

All images are provocative. That’s the point. A picture is worth a thousand words. Pictures make us feel and think. They PROVOKE us to contemplate the image and its context, to discuss, to debate, to think critically. People use images to get people to act. To PROVOKE them to action. Even AP images.

AP, my question to you is: Are the following images “deliberately provocative”?

by Edward T. Adams for the Associated Press

by Edward T. Adams for the Associated Press

Vietnam-Terror of War

by Huynh Cong Ut for the Associated Press


by Alan Diaz for the Associated Press

Human Torch

by Greg Marinovich for the Associated Press

Burst of Joy

by Slava Veder for the Associated Press

These images, all by Associated Press photographers, provoke a number of different emotions. Some good. Some bad. Some people might be embarrassed or offended. Good. I hope people keep provoking us with their images.