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The Strategy Bridge loved VICTOR IN THE JUNGLE! “What makes it such a fine follow-up [to Victor in the Rubble] is that Finley has the ability to find new things to satirize.” Read the full review here.

The Cipher Brief gave VICTOR IN THE JUNGLE four out of four trench coats! Read the review here.

The first review for VICTOR IN THE JUNGLE is here! Divergent Options said it brought “joy and tears” and left the reader with some questions about a particular Swedish porn vest. Read the review here!

Victor in the Rubble is getting great reviews!

Inglorious Amateurs called Victor in the Rubble “wickedly funny!”

The Strategy Bridge loved it, too: Max Weber & Groucho Marx Walk Into A Bar: #Reviewing Victor in the Rubble, by Olivia Garard. Here’s a pull quote: “VICTOR IN THE RUBBLE IS A DELIGHT. IT PRODUCES THAT SAME SENSE OF GLEE THAT COMES FROM OPENING AN MRE TO FIND A POP TART PERFECTLY WHOLE RATHER THAN SMASHED INTO A GAZILLION CRUMBLES.”









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