Collusion Doesn’t Have To Be Criminal (Just Security and Slate)

Titles In Usama Bin Laden’s Porn Collection (Funny or Die)

What About Election Meddling By U.S. Intelligence? (The Cipher Brief)

The Recruitables: Why Trump’s Team Was Easy Prey for Putin (POLITICO Magazine)

Wrongful Termination Letter Filed By Lulu, The CIA Dog Who Was Fired (Funny or Die)


Donald Trump’s “Mohammed Is An OK Guy” Speech (Funny or Die)

ISIS Backtracks On Plan To Make Raqqa A Smart City After Wikileaks Reveals CIA Cyber Capabilities (Funny or Die)

How the CIA Forgot the Art of Spying (POLITICO Magazine)

Europe, this time we’re counting on you to save us (Politico.eu) (Sonntag – in German)

High Heels, Wigs, and Flamboyant Robes (or…Dictators)

A Brief Tour of the Intelligence Community (Overt Action)

The Intelligence Community: Smart People Looking At Computers

Are Management Consultants Ruining CIA?

What the Levinson Case Tells Us About CIA

Here’s What Happened When Three CIA Officers Played Homeland: The Game (Slate)

I’m Not An Expert, But I Play One On TV (Medium)

General Petraeus Asks Al-Qaeda Leader Ayman Al-Zawahiri for Help Defeating ISIS (Funny or Die)

Other Documents Collected During Abbottabad Raid that Killed Bin Laden (Funny or Die)

Boko Haram’s Application to Join the Islamic State (Funny or Die)

Zawahiri Releases Management Notice to Curb Defections to Islamic State (Funny or Die)

U.S. Government to Drop Tons of Reports on Terrorists in New Phase of War on Terror (Funny or Die)

ISIS Responds to CIA’s Twitter Parody Account (Funny or Die)

Jihadi Cosmo: Looking for Mr. (Extremely Far) Right? Here’s How to Find Your Own Personal Caliph! (Funny or Die)

School Doesn’t Allow 4-Year-Old to Eat Oreos Her Mom Packed in Her Lunchbox (Funny or Die)

Summer Crafts for Your Kids Using Your Empty Wine Bottles (Reductress)

Cute Swimsuit Accessories to Lose at the Beach (Reductress)

5 Ways to Spread Kindness…and the Flu! (Reductress)

Is Your Boyfriend Distant or Is He Actually Out of Town? (Reductress)

Playful Pole Dances that Remind Him You’re Still the Mother of His Children (Reductress)

Plan an Ebola-Themed Haunted House for Neighborhood Kids (Reductress)

Is It Safe to Leave My Laptop Here to Go Order a Latte? (Reductress)

I Discovered My Dishwasher Was Actually a Human Being (Reductress)

Quick Tips for Organizing Your Closet and Destroying ISIS (Reductress)

How to Show Your Confidence for the Job You Know You Won’t Get (Reductress)

Sex Secrets He’ll Wish You Had Kept Secret (Reductress)

Technology and Consultants Won’t Save CIA. Only Humans Can. (Overt Action)


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